Oktoberfest 2023

friday 20th october – sunday 22nd october 

opening hours for the festival are:
Friday and Saturday: 12pm–12am  Sunday 12pm – 11.30pm

in years gone by, we have done small festivals in october…and guess what! it’s happening again!! this year we are going to promote some belgium and continental beers alongside green hop beers and more traditional real ales. food will be provided both friday and saturday by ‘the fry light’, with tasty morsels to compliment our continental offering!! While we won’t have food on Sunday, we will have live music in the afternoon, with Serious Sam Barrett, so enjoy!! (I will put more of the beers below when confirmed later this week)

    REAL ALE  |  keg  |  bottles

Serious Sam Barrett

Sunday 22nd October 4pm – 5.30pm


– On the racks –

ABK (keg): DUNKEL (5%)

Gloriously dark, rich and fruity with wonderful notes of
chocolate and caramel

Kent Brewery Mayflower

tonbridge (keg): das kolner (4.3%)

The Köln area of Germany pioneered this unique style of beer, where traditionally brewed ale is cold conditioned for several weeks. The result is a crisp, clean tasting, but very flavoursome beer.


Signature Roadie

abk: (keg) hell (5%)

Truly imported, authentic Bavarian Lager. Light, bright, satisfying and easy drinking.

Multi award winning
• Vegan

Salopian Paper Planes

the kernel(bottles): belgium pale ale taiheke: (5.2%)

Our take on a classic style. We’ve used an unlikely combination of New Zealand hops combined with Saison yeast and Belgian Pale yeast

burning sky (keg):petite saison (3.5%)

This mixed fermentation saison is a light and easy drinking small beer. Barrel aged for a few months, this delicate beer was then dry hopped for a refreshing finish.

Kent Brewery Black Honey

kent brewery:green ernest (4.6%)

A deliciously fruity pale ale packed with freshly picked Ernest Hops. A modern variety of which we were involved in the early trials. 

Oakham Dragon

musket: flash in the pan (4%)

Flash In The Pan is a Green Hopped Golden Ale with infused aromas of floral, honey, spice and blackcurrant, with a pleasantly dry, lingering, after taste.


kent brewery:green giant (6%)

A colossal amount of freshly harvested East Kent Golding Hops – a giant in every sense!

360 Double Act

chapter brewing: hinges v3 (4.3%)

Sessionable Pale Ale which “hinges” around different hop varieties to explore their characteristics against a classic pale ale malt base and clean yeast profile.

oakham: opa(4.3%)

A light pale beer with a big personality, bursting with fruity hop flavours, citrus notes and a refreshing finish.

Anspach & Hobday Golden Bitter

saltaire: triple choc (4.8%)

Internationally acclaimed, this moreish dark beer complements English Fuggle hops with rich chocolate decadence.

Gadd's West Coast IPA

skinners: betty stogs (4%)

Betty Stogs is an award-winning, copper-coloured bitter brewed since 1997 using Cornish water; whole-flower Celeia, Northdown and Aurora hops; malted barley and wheat; and Skinner’s unique yeast. 


Kentish Pip: grafter (still)(6.2%)

Crafted from a rich blend of heritage bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples grown, pressed and fermented at Woolton Farm in Kent. We have matured this cider a little bit longer, giving lovely supple and rounded tannins, balanced against a touch of sweetness, ripe red apple notes and a long complex finish. Traditional cider with a modern twist.

Anspach & Hobday Golden Bitter

biddenden: bushells (6%)

Our strong, still cider is created using the traditional Barnes’ family recipe produced using a blend of Kentish culinary & dessert apples.

biddenden: dry(8%)

Our strong, still cider is created using the traditional Barnes’ family recipe produced using a blend of Kentish culinary & dessert apples.

Anspach & Hobday Golden Bitter

Kentish Pip: Craftsman (4.8 %)

Our original cider, Craftsman, is the people’s favourite from the connoisseur to the enthusiast. A sublime balance of fresh apple, complex notes and subtle tannins. Medium dry, combining crisp and aromatic dessert apples with heritage cider varieties. Don’t settle for anything less.

– Waiting in the wings –

Surrey Hills Brewery Shere Drop

grey trees: mosaic pale (4.2%)

Our pale, hoppy, modern ale alive with citrus flavours and a smooth aftertaste.

Goachers Special House Ale

saltaire: golden thread (5%)

A bright gold ale, using wheat, lager malt, and flavoured with an infusion of aroma hops. Clean and crisp to the palate with a hint of sweetness and a long fruit-filled finish. 

Five Points XPA

thornbridge: coca wonderland (6.8%)

A full bodied, robust porter with natural mocha malt flavours from the complex malt grist, complementing the decadent additions of real chocolate to the maturation process.

Salopian Lemon Dream

kent brewery : green dwarf (3.7%)

A session pale ale full of freshly harvested cones from one of the latest modern hop varieties in Kent.