spring Opening conditions 

Please register yourself and any guests here each time you visit The New Inn. Thank you.

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    It will come as no surprise to anyone that we have had to make certain adjustments in order to trade safely and conform to new Government guidelines.

    Since June we’ve been very busy…

    • Creating more space in the garden (goodbye garage!)
    • Erecting screens in the bar (featuring our beloved Pumpkin)
    • Reorganising the space and furniture
    • Doing new cleaning schedules and risk assessments (download HERE, if interested!)
    • Training our heroic staff to keep you safe and well-tended with the best beers that money can buy

    Many of these measures were originally guidelines from the Government in June 2020, however new regulations come into force 17th May 2021, and are legally binding.

    Everyone’s safety is of paramount importance, so here’s how we need to operate for the foreseeable future:

    1. Customers can now have enter through the front door as well as via the garden gate.
    2. We are required to collect names and contact details of all customers for NHS Test and Trace purposes; A poster of the NHS app is displayed as you come into the pub, on the bar screen. There will also be the NHS app on every table. This can be downloaded on your phone. Alternatively you can sign in through the adjacent form. Registration is now obligatory for every member in a group, or a customer coming in on their own. All personal data will be destroyed after 21 days, unless you opt to stay on our database. More information here (gov.uk site)
    3. It will be table service only for the time being, so you won’t be able to stand at the bar and order drinks
    4. We can take card payments  AND CASH, so don’t worry!
    5. Customers must wear masks on entering the main bar, but can remove them once seated. Bar staff serving at tables will be wearing masks. Staff pouring drinks do not have to wear a mask, as they are operating behind the glass screen around the bar.
    6. Finally, we advise booking for busy times (weekends) but we hope that with the increased space, we will be able to accommodate everyone who turns up. Please email for bookings. Tables are set for four inside, and well spaced. With notice we can have a maximum group of six, so please bear that in mind. Outside seating is more flexible.

    Thank you for your understanding and co-operation!