august Bank Holiday Beer Festival 2021

Friday 27th–Monday 30th august

20 thoughtfully curated real ales served in our glorious beer garden.I will update the beer list and music at the end of this week when all is confirmed


DJ Night: friday, 28 august. 19:00-23:00

DJ Curly Mohawk, DJ Beer and Chips, DJ MacAttack, and MC Riby all playing music to lift our spirits!

One Jah - Duo: Saturday, 29 August. 19:00-22:00

Onejah loves people, loves Earth and is good at laying down a love vibe anywhere we play. Onejah is an international band that tours Europe every year bringing Afro beat, Reggae and folk music with soul to venues through out the continent. Onejah 4 ever.!


The Rambling Stompbox: Sunday, 30 may. 16:00-17:00

It’s The Blues, Captain, but not as we know it. Resonator ragtime and kick ass country shored up by lonesome lapsteel.

– On the racks –

Gorgeus Brewery : Geekhunter (4.2%)

Low bitterness, easy drinking.Cascade, Chinook and Rakau hops. Light malty body with grapefruit and stone fruit.

Kent Brewery Mayflower

Redemption: Urban Dusk (4.6%)

A dark and moreish bitter. One of our first ever beers and brewed with lots of pale malt for sweetness, with the addition of chocolate and crystal malt for body and colour. English hopes, First Gold and Bramling Cross give a lovely spiciness and beautiful bitterness.

Signature Roadie

elb: Cowcatcher: (4.8%)

Named after the grille at the front of old US steam trains, this is an APA, full-bodied and generously hopped. Refreshing and a great summer beer.

Salopian Paper Planes

Wild Card: Pale Ale (4.3%)

We made a hoppy and refreshing pale ale with Citra and Cryo-Idaho 7.

Purple Moose: dark Side of the Moose (4.6%)

A delicious dark ale using a delicate blend of dark crystal malt, roasted barley and Bramling Cross hops. The ‘Dark Side’ exhibits a rich, malty flavour balanced with fruity bitterness.

Kent Brewery Black Honey

Saltaire:Pacifica (5.5%)

Seven New World hops from around the Pacific rim are used to create this balanced beer with citrus and grapefruit notes.

Oakham Dragon

Kent: Amarillo (4.5%)

A distinct aroma and flavour of lemon, orange and grapefruit. No.14 in our single hop series.

Constellation Brewery: Draco (4.2).

A traditional bitter – copper in collour, and using a blend of only the best British hops. Subtle in flavour with a slightly spicy note.

360 Double Act

Skinners: Betty Stogs (4%)

She’s brazen, golden-hearted and more than a little fruity! Betty Stogs has been flying the flag for Cornish ale since we unleashed her in 1997; if only we knew then the things she’d get up to…

Three Sods: Boho Bitter (4.1%)

It’s so hard to find an exciting new bitter these days. Our BoHo Bitter is a classic English style, heavily dry-hopped with Belma and Wolf for a modern twist. 

Anspach & Hobday Golden Bitter

Oakham: Bishops Farewell (4.6%)

A golden, premium beer with a smooth, malty background, rich and fruity hop flavours and a refreshing finish. First brewed in 1996 in honour of William John “Bishop Bill” Westwood on his retirement as Bishop of Peterborough.

Gadd's West Coast IPA

Thornbridge: Peverel (4.5%)

Peverel is a straw blonde ale single hopped with Mosaic hops to give deep tropical fruit flavours and culminating in a dry, bitter finish.

360 Double Act

Blackjack: English Summer Ale (4.5%)

As it sounds…

Downlands: Mosaic (4.8%)

A punchy, tropical, single hopped IPA

Anspach & Hobday Golden Bitter

Stewart Brewing: Edinburgh Gold (4.8%)

Beautifully balanced with a delicate hop aroma, subtle malty sweetness and a crisp finish.

Gadd's West Coast IPA

Musket: trigger (3.6%)

An easy drinking, hoppy, Pale Ale that can magically transport you to rolling Hop Gardens, where wild flowers are in abundance and bees are pollinating the blackcurrant bushes. Evokes childhood memories of bygone summers!

360 Double Act

Electro Brewing: Sesh (3.7%)

A super smashable 3.7% dry hopped pale with clean citrus notes.

Big Smoke Brew: Solaris: (3.8%)

Solaris is very popular with our pub customers and is a beer that we’ve brewed since our inception, almost 6 years ago. It’s very traditional in style when compared to most of our other beers and is one that was only destined to be found in cask

Anspach & Hobday Golden Bitter

Iron Pier: Bitter (4%)

Honey and spice with some orange and plum, and with a firm, balancing bitterness.

Gadd's West Coast IPA

Shivering Sands: Ribersborg Stout (4.8%)

A dark dry ale produced using 4 different malts. With a distinctive tones of liquorice and charred toast.


360 Double Act

kentish pip: discovery (still)(6.2%)

Discovery has an unmistakable soft floral aroma like no other apple. Think strawberries and peach with a light, fresh acidity. 

kentish pip: forager (sparkling) (4%)

A taste sensation packed full of juicy, hedgerow berries, and bursting with the flavour of the countryside

Anspach & Hobday Golden Bitter

kentish pip: high diver (sparkling) (4%)

A mighty blend of Cox and Bramley apples get together to form a luxurious medium-dry , lightly sparkling cider. Fresh acidity and aromatic fruity character transports you to the Kentish farm where the apples were picked by hand. 

kentish pip: wild summer (sparkling) (4%)

Elderflower Craft Cider infused with pollen and nectar from wild elderflowers picked on our farm and the surrounding countryside. This light and super refreshing summer cider make your pallet sing. It’s a zingy uplifting drink not too sweet and lead by the subtle but unmistakable taste of real elderflower.

360 Double Act

kentish pip:All in (7%)

Small batch from the archives. It’s big and full. Just off dry, rich and complex.

– Waiting in the wings –

Surrey Hills Brewery Shere Drop

St Austell: Proper Job (4.5%)

A powerfully authentic IPA, Proper Job is brewed with a blend of imported American hops. It is a real treat of a beer with a growing reputation and is loved by beer enthusiasts far and wide. Perhaps the forerunner of all modern IPAs in the UK!

Goachers Special House Ale

Kent Brewery: Prohibition (4.8%)

A citrusy pale ale, highly hopped with some of the latest US hop varieties

Five Points XPA

Bath Ales: Gem (4.1%)

We wanted to make an ale that feels as familiar as walking into your favourite country pub. So we used traditional British malts and balanced the soft fruits and bittersweet caramel with a soft, smooth bitterness.

Salopian Lemon Dream

Hop Back : Summer Lightning (5%)

An extremely pleasant bitter, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. Probably the beer to receive the most awards in Britain!

Oakham Citra

Hogs Back: TEA (4.2%)

An enticing amber colour with a hoppy and slightly fruity aroma. We use the finest English malt carefully balanced with local Fuggles hops. This is gently fermented to leave some of the natural malt sugars, to give a full and satisfying flavour with a long, dry finish.